Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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  • Canoe & Kayak - links
  • Carlisle - manufacturer of paddles, oars and accessories, product catalog
  • Coleman - manufacturer of punts, canoes and other outdoor equipment, catalog, technical information
  • Dagger
  • Dimension Kayak
  • Extrasport
  • Harmony
  • Mohawk Canoes - manufacturers o f canoes, product catalog
  • Necky Kayaks - manufacturer of kayaks, product catalog, technical information, dealer list
  • Ocean Kayak - manufacturer of kayaks, product catalog, dealer links
  • Old Town Canoe - manufacturer of canoes, kayaks and accessories, catalog, technical information
  • Perception Kayaks/Dagger - manufacturers of kayaks and accessories, product catalog
  • Professional Paddle Sports Association - canoeing, kayaking, rafting, tubing - rentals, sales, lesions and instruction
  • TAPS - paddle sports industry trade association, equipment manufacturer lists, events, guides,
  • Voyager Canoe - manufacturer of dragon boats and canoes, product catalog
  • Wenonah Canoes -manufacturers of canoes, kayaks and accessories, product catalog, technical information, dealers list
  • Wilderness systems - manufacturer of kayaks, product catalog
  • Yakima - manufacturers of car boat and bike carriers, product catalog, dealer list
  • Lightning Paddle - manufacturer of paddles, catalog, dealer list, beginners guide to canoeing and kayaking, links and more


  • Canoe & Kayak Magazine
  • Cruising World Magazine
  • Paddler Magazine
  • SAIL Magazine
  • Sailing World Magazine
  • Sea Kayaker Magazine
  • "AMC Whitewater Handbook", Bruce Lessels, Appalachian Mountain Club Books, 1994, ISBN 1-878239-01-5 An all in one guide to whitewater paddling which combines both canoe and kayak techniques.
  • "The Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique", William Nealy, Menasha Ridge Press, 1997
  • "The Basic Essentials of Canoe Paddling", Harry N. Roberts and Thomas Todd, ICS Books, 1992
  • "Basic Sailing", M. B. George, William Morrow & CO., 1984
  • "Boardsailing: A Beginners Manual", Charles Wand-Tetley and John Heath, State Mutual Book & Periodic service, Ltd, 1994
  • "The Boating Bible: An Essential Handbook for Every Sailor", Jim Murrant, Sheridan House, Inc., 1991
  • "Canoeing: A Beginners Guide to the Kayak", Nigel Foster, State Mutual Book & Periodic Service, Ltd, 1990
  • "Canoeing Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33305A
  • "The Cockpit Book of Knots", David Weatherston and Patrick Brophy, Tarka Press, 1980, ISBN 0-9690631-0-5, An introduction with a nautical flair to the essential knot and splices used in sailing and boating.
  • "Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats", 9/98, U.S Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety
  • "Motorboating Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No 33345
  • "Outdoor Skills Instruction Aquatics", Boy Scouts of America, No 33026 1992, ISBN 0-8395-3026-0 Seminar to teach canoeing and kayaking
  • "Paddle America", Nick Shears, Starfish Press, 1993, ISBN 0-9622806-6-6, A guide to trips and outfitters in all 50 states.
  • "Paddle to Perfection", Aquatics Unlimited, Inc., 1994, ISBN 1-883085-06-3 Canoeing quick reference guide.
  • "Rowing Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33404A
  • "Safety Afloat - Training Outline", Boy Scouts of America, No 34159B
  • "Safety Afloat", Boy Scouts of America, No. 34368A, 1981
  • "The Sailor's Handbook", Helsey C. Herreshoff, Little, Brown and Co., 1983, ISBN 0-316-54693-3 The Essential Sailing Manual
  • "Sea Scout Manual", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33239B, 2000 ISBN 0-8395-3239-3, Excellent training material on rope work, small boat handling, etc.
  • "Swimming Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33352B
  • "Think Safe Choose the Right Personal Flotation Device (PFD)" Mustang Survival. This manual is supplied with a new PFD.
  • "Waterskiing Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33348
  • "Whitewater Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No 33405A
  • "The Yachtsman's Pocket Almanac", Nicholas Dent, Simon and Schuster, 1981, ISBN 0-671-25512-6, A source of reference on all aspects of cruising under sail or power.


  • Essential Boat Control - VHS 58 min - Created for the intermediate to expert paddler, this is a thick, meaty video you can sink your paddle blades into. Tom DeCuir takes you from balance, navigation & timing, & flows into boofing drops, linking moves & river strategy.
  • From Here To There-- Canoe Basics, VHS 50 min - For novice through intermediate canoe paddler. Features strokes progression on the lake including stroke combinations. Stokes are then applied on the river with an in-depth presentation of eddy turn
  • Grace Under Pressure-- Learning Kayak Roll VHS 47 min - This informative, yet highly entertaining video has top whitewater instructors demonstrating step-by-step the paddle roll, including a 5-minute loop translating the lesson to real action! They also reveal the secret to the handroll, hints on learning the offside, and tips on bracing. Good video for the novice as well as the instructor
  • Heads Up! River Rescue For River Runners VHS 29 min - Serious, sometimes funny, always entertaining look at how river runners get into & out of trouble. Rescue experts present a wide range of rescue techniques with real-life accident footage
    In The Surf! VHS 60 min - For sea kayakers & whitewater kayakers. Demonstrates & explains wave evaluation, takeoffs, & advanced rudder techniques, teaches basic thru advanced surfing maneuvers & addresses surf zone etiquette. Entertaining footage of some awesome kayak surfing rounds out the show.
  • Kayak 101-- Mastering The Basics VHS 45 min - Created by the same folks who gave us Grace Under Pressure (our#TTU080), this video gives an in-depth look at the basic skills required for mastering whitewater kayaking. Strokes, basic maneuvers, water reading skills are made crystal clear
  • The Kayaker's Edge - Kent Ford VHS 44 min - World champ Kent Ford & other great paddlers demonstrate the techniques of smooth surfing & easy playing: advanced strokes, bracing, slow motion underwater shots of rolling. Filmed on American, Animas, Gauley, Merced, Ocoee, Russell Fork
  • Kayaking Basics - Greg Barton VHS 30 min - Olympic gold medal winner Barton shows the techniques needed to get started in river or ocean kayaking: forward, reverse and turn strokes; bracing; adjusting to wind, currents and tides; rescue tips; etc
  • Let's Get Wet! Essentials Of Whitewater Rafting VHS 45 min - Fast-paced, informative video provides novices with necessary techniques to row & paddle down class I, II & III whitewater. Includes detailed instruction combined with humorous antics & footage of the world's most exciting rivers
  • Performance Sea Kayaking VHS 58 min - The basics of kayak touring are demonstrated & explained by some of the best paddlers & instructors in the world. Important elements of paddling strokes, rescues, & trip preparation
  • Sea Kayaking--Getting Started - VHS 84 min - Everything one needs to know to get started sea kayaking is included in a simple easy to understand, visual manner. World class instructor, Ed Gillet, famous for his solo kayak crossing from Monterey, CA to Maui, HI, says: "It's the best instructional video for beginning sea kayakers that I've seen!"
  • Surf Kayaking Fundamentals - John Lull VHS 20 min - Explores what it takes to handle a kayak safely in the surf zone. Covers equipment, paddling skills, types of waves, launching & landing, broaching & surfing technique. Both sea & surf kayaks are shown.
  • What Now? Sea Kayak Rescue Techniques VHS 18 min - This short but worthy video is an intro to sea kayak safety. It explains safety gear, shows several techniques for self-and aided rescue. Good intro, to be supplemented with professional on-water instruction. Authors are ACA-certified instructors & Maine guides
  • Whitewater Self Defense - VHS 65 min - Helps paddlers avoid trouble & deal with unexpected problems. Emphasis is on everyday river safety & rescue, including fundamental skills every intermediate recreational whitewater kayaker should know
  • Learn To Sail - VHS 100 min A complete basic-to-intermediate sailing course. Aboard a 27 foot Soling, they learn all of the language, tips and techniques that will make you a seasoned sailor in no time.