Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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Shooting Sports



    For information on qualifying for training camp at the Olympic Training Center, write to:
    Director of Shooter Development
    U.S. Olympic Shooting Center
    One Olympic Plaza
    Colorado Springs, CO 80916

    To learn how to qualify for the President's Council on Physical Fitness rifle awards, write to:
    Presidential Sports Awards
    P.O. Box 86207
    Indianapolis, IN 46268-0207

  • Where to Shoot - online search for places to shoot and hunt, fact sheets on shooting sports
  • For information on conducting a shooting sports camp including the Marksmanship Qualifications Program, write to:
    NRA Youth Programs Department
    11250 Waples Mill Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030
    or by E-mail at

  • Shotgun Sports
  • - the complete internet firearms and trade index


There are many fine distributors of shooting sports equipment. The listings provided here are only for the major manufacturers of shooting sports equipment and accessories. Each manufacturer usually provides a list of their dealers on their, world wide web, site. Where ever possible the companies website is provided. When a web site is provided it contains all mailing and other contact information, so it is not repeated here.


  • Anschutz - Competition air rifle and pistol manufacturers
  • Beeman Precision Airguns - air rifle and pistol manufacturer (Beeman, Feinwerkbau, Webley, Norica and Weihrauch guns) and information Air gun history, Gun Catalog, Safety information, technical information, type of airguns, dealer list
  • Crossman Arms - air rifle & air pistol (Copperhead, Crossman, Benjamin Sheridan and Sheridan) information, Gun catalog, shooting programs, gun safety, shooting events, dealer list,
  • Daisy - air rifle & pistol information, gun catalog, air gun history, shooting programs, dealer list
  • Daystate Ltd - manufacture of target air rifle and accessories
  • Feinwerkbau - manufacturer of air pistols and rifles, product catalog, technical data, accessories
    Gamo USA - air rifle & air pistol manufacturer and information Gun catalog, safety information, air gun links, dealer list
  • Hammerli - manufacturer of precision target air pistols and rifles, product catalog
  • Savage Arms - manufacturer of air rifles, product catalog
  • Smith & Wesson - manufacturer of air pistols, product catalog, safety information, dealer list,


  • Blackwidow - manufacturer of custom recurve bows and accessories, product catalog, demo products
  • Internet website dedicated to archery shooting sport
  • Browning North America - manufacturer of compound bows and accessories, catalog and dealer listings
  • Hoyt USA - manufacturer of compound and recurve bows and accessories, product catalog, dealer listing, bow tuning and shooting technical information
  • The National Archery Association - National Governing Body for U.S. Olympic Archery
  • North American Archery Group (Jennings, Bear, Buckmaster, Fred Bear, Brave, Golden Eagle and Satellite) - manufacturers of bow and archery accessories.
  • Saunders Archery USA - manufacturer of archery accessories, catalog


  • Dixie Gun Works - manufacturer of black powder guns, shooting supplies and antique gun parts, catalog
  • Knight - manufacturer of muzzle loading rifles, product catalog, dealer list
  • Muzzleloading Technologies - manufacturers of muzzle loading rifles and bullets, product catalog
  • Ruger Firearms - manufacturer of black powder rifles, catalog
  • Thompson/Center Arms - manufacturers of muzzle loading rifles, product catalog



  • Beretta - manufacturer of handguns and shotguns, product catalog, dealer locations
  • Browning North America - manufacturer of handguns, small bore rifle and shotguns, product catalog, dealer listing
  • Feinwerkbau - manufacturer of competition small bore pistols and rifles, product catalog, technical data, accessories
  • Hammerli - manufacture of precision target pistols and rifles, product catalog
  • Remington Arms Co. - manufacturer of small bore rifles and shotguns, product information,
  • Ruger Firearms - manufacturer of pistols, small bore rifles and shotguns, product catalog, safety information
  • Savage Arms - manufacturer of small bore rifles, product catalog
  • U.S. Repeating Arms Co., Inc - manufacturer of Winchester rifles and shotguns, product information


  • Alliant Powder - manufacturers of cartridge powders, product catalog, reloading data and information
  • Eley - Competition rimfire small bore ammunition
  • Federal Cartridge Co. - Small bore ammunition, product catalog, ballistic tables, product specifications
  • Fiocchi USA - manufacturers of small arms ammunition
  • Remington Arms Co. - Manufacturer of small bore ammunition and shotgun shells, product catalog
  • Winchester Ammunition - Manufacturer of small bore ammunition and shotgun shells, reloading information, shooting locations, dealer list


  • B Square - Scope mounts and tools
  • BKL - Scope mounts, product catalog
  • Leupold - manufacturer of scopes, product catalog, technical data
  • Nikon - manufacturer of rifle and finder scope, binoculars, product catalog
  • Oehler Research Inc. - manufacturers of chronographs
  • Target Timers - manufactures of, rapid fire, timers
  • White Flyer - manufacturer of skeet and sporting clay targets


  • Archery: The Basics - VHS min - All archery starts with basic form. Ruth Rowe, 1984 Olympian & now coach, demonstrates the basics in 4 lessons. Can be used by individuals or groups. Following each lesson is a segment detailing what you've seen. Covers: body position, the bow, drawing, anchoring, finishing, stringing & setting up.
  • Bull's Eye Archery - VHS 50 min - Learn archery from the man who coached the 1980 U.S. Olympic Archery Team, Dwight Nyquist. He shows various bows & arrows used. Nyquist explains the proper stance, loading the bow, arm action, string arm action, anchoring, aiming, release & follow-through. 50 Min
  • Muzzle Loading Basics - VHS 80 min.
  • Family Field Shooting -SPCW Herbert - VHS 30 min. - A Great new shotgun instructional video. Simplistic yet enjoyable. From new shooters to tips on improving shots for hunters and sporting clays.
  • Fundamentals of Small Arms - VHS 41 min. - Basics. Military training tape on basics of firearms operation. Great demonstration on how firearms work
  • Sporting Clays Develop Your Own Style Fisher - VHS 90 min. Excellent!