Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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Land Navigation



  • Brunton Co - manufacturer of compasses, altimeters, pedometers, product catalog, technical information
  • Orienteering Unlimited
  • Silva - manufacturer of altimeters, compasses, GPS receivers and orienteering products, product catalog, technical data
  • Suunto - manufacturer of compasses, sunglasses, primus stoves, product catalog, technical data, dealer list
  • Terraserver - downloadable space imagery for any United States site OR click here
  • Topo Zone




  • Eagle Electronics - manufacturer of GPS receivers, sonar system, product guide, dealer listing
  • Garmin - manufacturer of GPS receivers and reference beacons, product catalog, technical data
  • Magelan - manufacturer of GPS receivers, product catalog, technical information, dealer list
  • NAVSTAR GPS Operations - the DOD group responsible for GPS implementation and operations, technical data on the GPS system
  • Trimble - manufacturer of GPS receivers, product catalog, This site has an excellent on-line tutorial on how the GPS system works.


  • "GPS Made Easy Using Global Positioning Systems in the Outdoors", Lawrence Letham, The Mountaineers, 1998, ISBN 0-89886-592-1. Good coverage of using GPS receivers in the backcountry
  • "A Comprehensive Guide to Land Navigation with GPS", Noel J. Hotchkiss, Alexis USA, 1999, ISBN 1-892688-00-X. An excellent coverage of land navigation with GPS and topographic map (3rd edition include free MAPTECH navigation software on CD Rom) all for under $25.
  • "The Users Guide to GPS", Bonnie Dahl, Richardson's Marine Publishing, 1993, ISBN 0-932647-12-x Excellent presentation on how GPS works
  • "GPS Land Navigation", Michael Ferguson, Glassford Publishing, 1998, ISBN 0-9652202-5-7 Recommended reading for all GPS backcountry users.
  • "Compass and Map Navigator", Michael Hodgson, ICS Books, Inc and The Brunton Co, 1997, ISBN 1-57034-043-9 Good explanation on navigation by map and compass
  • "Orienteering", Boy Scouts of America, No 33439, 1997, ISBN 0-8395-3439-6 An introduction to orienteering
  • "The Essential Wilderness Navigator", David Steadman, Ragged Mountain Press, 1995, ISBN 0-07-056323-3 How to find your way in the great outdoors with map and compass.
  • "Orienteering Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33385
  • "Using GPS", Bruce Grubbs, Falcon Publishing Co., 1999, ISBN 1-56044-821-0 (pbk) an excellent simplified guide to GPS for outdoor adventurers at a reasonable price.
  • "Be Expert With Map & Compass", Bjorn Kjellstrom, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1976, ISBN 0-684-14270-8, the complete guide to map compass and orienteering.


  • Finding Your Way In The Wild - VHS - This video takes the viewer into the field to demonstrate land navigation by map & compass: how to go cross-country, how to find out where you are, even what to do if lost.
  • GPS NAVIGATION A Guide to Features & Functions, VHS, min, Coastal Marine Video - An In-Depth Guide is the definitive source for new GPR owners and buyers. From how the system works, to detailed instruction on receiver features and functions, to a complete Buyer's Guide and spec sheet on the latest units and their prices
  • A Hiker's Guide to GPS (Excellent!) - VHS 25min - (1997), GPS Outfitters, Inc., This video is designed to introduce outdoor adventurers to basic GPS navigation. Includes buyers guide.
  • Orienteering :
    film 1. Orienteering and understanding maps = VHS 13 min.
    film 2. Basic orienteering skills - VHS 12 min.
    film 3. Rough and fine navigation and using a compass -VHS 11 min.
    film 4. Choosing and following a route -VHS 15 min.
  • Orienteering from the classroom to the forest - VHS 85 min.
  • Silva orienteering clinic Sweden 1987 - VHS 82 min.
  • Using GPS with Maps (includes map ruler) - VHS 29 min - (1998), GPS Outfitters, Inc, Covers using the GPS receiver, UTM coordinate system, Finding Latitude and Longitude, Understanding coordinate systems, etc.


  • CONDES - MS Windows Software for developing orienteering course control cards, description and download areas
  • GPS waypoint search page - find waypoint lat long from place name, etc.
  • Maptech - manufacturer of topographic terrain and navigation software, and topo map CD roms, product catalog This company produces the maps which are compatible with the Garmin GPS III + receiver.
  • MapTools - UTM usage instruction materials, free PDF overlays for topo maps (download), product catalog -
  • OCAD - Orienteering cartography (map making) software commercial and shareware, product catalog
  • OziExplorer GPS Mapping Software - excellent shareware GPS mapping software description and download
  • World of Orienteering Control - description card generation, orienteering map drawing, orienteering games, screen savers, freeware, commercial and shareware