Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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First Aid




  • "The Wilderness First Responder", Buck Tildon, Tom Burke and Frank Hubbell, The Globe Piquot Press 1998, ISBN 0-7627-0392-X Recognition, treatment and prevention of wilderness emergencies.
  • "Peterson Field Guide to Eastern/Central Medicinal Plants", Steven Foster and James A. Duke, Houghton Mifflin Co, 1990, ISBN 0-395-92066-3 (pbk), A field guide too the identification of and use of medicinal plants.
  • "Mosby's Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide", David Manhoff, Mosby-Yearbook, Inc 1996, ISBN 0-916363-14-7 What to do in an outdoor emergency when help may take some time to arrive
  • "Wilderness First Aid Emergency Care for Remote Locations", Howard D Backer, Warren D Bowman, Bruce C Paton, Peter Steele and Alton Thygerson, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 1998, ISBN 0-7637-0407-5 The Definitive source for wilderness first aid information. The official collaboration between The National Safety Council and the Wilderness Medical Society.
  • "Medicine for the Backcountry", Buck Tilton and Frank Hubbell, ICS Books Inc, 1990, ISBN 0-934802-61-0, Covers a broad spectrum of wilderness medical emergencies and how to handle them.
  • "Where There Is No Doctor a village health care handbook", David Werner, Carol Thuman and Jane Maxwell, Advanced health issues book.
  • "Wilderness First Aid", Tod Schimelpfenig and Linda Lindsey, National Outdoor Leadership School, 1991, ISBN 0-8117-3084-0, Practical wilderness first aid based on the experiences of the NOLS instructional force.
  • "The Pocket Doctor", Stephen Bezruchka, The Mountaineers, 1998, ISBN 0-89886-345-7 Pocket guide which provides information on how to stay healthy while traveling.
  • "Wilderness Medicine", William Fogery, ICS Books, 1987, ISBN 0-934802-37-8 How to handle medical problems in the wilderness.
  • "Wilderness Medical Society practical Guidelines for Wilderness Emergency Care", William Fogerty, ICS Books, 1995, ISBN 1-57034-011-0, Guidelines for handling medical situations in the wilderness.
  • "Pocket Guide to Wilderness Medicine", Paul G. Gill, Jr., Fireside, 1991, ISBN 0-671-70615-2 pbk How to identify and treat ailments and injuries sustained in the great outdoors
  • "First Aid for Colleges and Universities", Brent Q Hafen and Keith J. Karren, Allyn and Bacon, 1996 ISBN 0-205-18542-8 Semester college course in First Aid. Excellent reference book with pictures.
  • "Emergency Response", American Red Cross, Mosby-Year Book, 1997
  • "First Aid-Responding to Emergencies", American Red Cross, Mosby-Year Book
  • "The Outward Bound Wilderness First-Aid Handbook", Jeffrey Isaacs, The Lyons Press, 1998
  • "Camping and Wilderness Survival", Paul Tawrell, 1996
  • "Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine", Eric A. Weiss, M.D., Berkely California, Medical Kits, 1992
  • "First Aid Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33301A
  • "Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33368


  • Wilderness First Aid - VHS/30 min -Based on the Wilderness Medical Society & National Safety Council definitive text, Wilderness First Aid: Emergency Care For Remote Locations
  • Infants and Children First Aid - VHS 26 min - National Safety Council, This video contains essential pediatric first aid topics. It combines dramatic first aid emergencies with an instructional, classroom format. With the help of this video, instructors can effectively teach students how to handle emergency situations involving infants and children.
    American Red Cross Emergency Test - VHS 47 min - How you react in an emergency situation after an accident, flood, hurricane, or during a fire may mean the difference between life and death. This video details fires, falls, choking, severe bleeding and jogging, hiking and swimming accidents.
  • Red Cross Standard First Aid - VHS 120 min - The video used by the Red Cross to teach first aid. It covers rescue breathing, choking, CPR, burns, bleeding and splinting. Does not certify for a Red Cross card without instruction by a Red Cross instructor.
  • The National Safety Council First Aid Video - VHS 60 min - Contains essential first aid topics. It combines dramatic first aid emergencies with an instructional format to effectively teach the audience how to handle an emergency situation.
  • MedEMT - CD Rom - RamEx A multimedia emergency medical training course which was developed to meet and enhance the Department of Transportation's National Standard Curriculum for training EMT-Basics. This 100 hour course features 90 full motion videos and computer animations as well as over 1,500 2D and 3D illustrations, accompanied by text describing all of the skills and procedures required for EMT-Basic training. ISBN 0838563686