Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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  • "Backpacker Magazine" - magazine dedicated to backpacking
  • "The Backpacker's Field Manual", Rick Curtis, Three Rivers Press 1998, ISBN 0-517-88783-5, An excellent comprehensive guide to mastering backcountry skills
  • "Backpacking a Complete Guide", McDowell, Jack, Sports Illustrated
  • "Backpacking in the 90's, Techniques and Secrets", Logue, Victoria, Menasha Ridge Press, 1994
  • "Backpacking Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33232A
  • "Backpacking, One Step at a Time", Manning, Harvey, Random House, 1986
  • "Backpacking Techniques", Ruth Dyar Mendenhall, La Siesta Press, 1967 Basic tips to backpacking
  • "Boy Scout Hiking Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 34179
  • "Boy Scout Woods Wisdom", Boy Scouts of America, No. 34308
  • "Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No 33246
  • "The Complete Walker III", Fletcher, Colin, Random House, 1984
  • "Fieldbook, Boy Scouts of America", Boy Scouts of America, 1984, ISBN 0-8395-3200-8 General outdoor skills handbook
  • "Hiking Merit Badge Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No 33407A
  • "How to Shit in the Woods", Kathleen Meyer, Ten Speed Press, 1994, ISBN 0-89815-627-0, A serious look into human scatology in the outdoors.
  • "National Outdoor Leadership School's Wilderness Guide", Peter Simer and John Sullivan, Simon and Schuster, 1983, ISBN 0-671-24997-5 pbk A-Z reference guide to backpacking techniques.
  • "Okpik - Cold Weather Camping Book", Boy Scouts of America, No. 34040
  • "Outdoor Skills Instruction Backpacking", Boy Scouts of America, No 33035, 1991, ISBN 0-8395-3035-8, Seminar on backpacking skills, equipment and techniques
  • "Outdoor Skills Instruction Camping", Boy Scouts of America, No 33003, 1991, Seminar on low impact camping skills and techniques
  • "Passport to High Adventure". Boy Scouts of America, No 4310
  • "Pocket Guide to Hiking/Backpacking", Cordes, Ron, Greycliff Publishing Co., 1993
  • "Secrets of Warmth for Comfort or Survival", Hal Weiss, The Mountaineers, 1999, ISBN 0-89886-643-X An excellent book on staying warm on wilderness activities.
  • "The 2 OZ. Backpacker", Robert S Wood, Ten Speed Press, 1982, ISBN 0-89815-070-1 A problem Solving Manual for use in the wilds.
  • "Venture Backpacking Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33484
  • "Venture Snow Camping Pamphlet", Boy Scouts of America, No. 33440


  • Trailside: all-Terrain Hiking Guide - VHS 180 min - 1996
  • Escape: Fool Proof Guide to Camping - VHS 30 min - 1997 This video is a must see for campers who are learning the ropes.. The field guide that comes with the video is an excellent resource.
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