Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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2017-2018 Central Region Area 1 Venturing President - Deanna Anderson

A1 - Deanna Anderson.jpg Deanna Anderson will be serving as the 2017-2018 Area 1 Venturing President! Please join me in extending our congratulations to her!

Deanna is currently a dual registered and active member of two councils in the state of South Dakota. Her home council is the Sioux Council located in Sioux Falls, SD which is part of Area 1 in the Central Region, and is currently a registered, active, and founding member in Venturing Crew 361 holding the position of Treasurer. This fall, she will be a sophomore at Black Hills State University. She recently has changed her academic plans to dual major in Business Administration with two specializations in Marketing and Management, while also dual minoring in Music and Spanish. The reason for the change is because she has been considering the adventure of a professional Scouting position which prefers the background of a Business Major.

While being away at college, she decided to become a member of the Black Hills Area Council, which is part of Area 2 in the Western Region, to continue her Scouting career away from home. She has been assisting a local Scouting troop in Spearfish, South Dakota as an Assistant Scoutmaster/ Merit Badge Counselor for Troop 17 and has recently founded another Venturing Crew 605.

Deanna joined Venturing at the age of 15 but has been part of the different Scouting organizations since she was 5 years old. During her time as a Venturer she has served as Area 1 Vice President of Communications, President of the Sioux Council's Venturing Officers' Association, President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Program and Treasurer in Crew 361, Staff and First Female Senior Patrol Leader for National Youth Leadership Training in the Sioux Council, Handicraft Instructor at Lewis & Clark Boy Scout Camp, and Tiger Den Leader for Pack 99.

She has received the Bronze Award in religion, the Gold Award in religion, the Silver Award, the Duty to God Award, and the Council Level Venturing Leadership Award, as well as being part of the Scouting Family of the Year in 2016 for the Sioux Council.

Outside of Scouting, at college she has plans to be involved in multiple things such as: Campus Activity Board as Marketing Assistant Director, Fashion Design as Vice President of Administration, Talking Hands (Sign Language Club), Graphic Design, Guitar Lessons, and possibly more. Until the next semester comes around, she has the summer filled with Scouting activities left and right.

Deanna also enjoys attending church, playing/learning instruments, traveling, camping, and most importantly sharing her passion and dedication about Scouting with others because it has changed and affected her life in the best way possible.