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On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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PR Checklist for Events

Do you want to promote your Crew, District, Council, or Area event that is open to Venturers from all councils? Here is a checklist of some of the social media sites that you can use to promote your event. Many Venturers stay informed through a variety sources, so do not be afraid to post your event information to more than one of these sites. Remember to get the information on your event out early. Others may want to attend, but they need time to set up transportation and make sure their schedule is available.

Central Region Venturing Website: 
Did you know that the Central Region Venturing website is the most viewed Venturing site in the country? You can get your event information posted to the site so all of those viewers can see information on your event coming up. Once your event is approved, you can refer to the URL in your messages and invitations to the event.

- Post your event to the Central Region Website Events Page
- Go to this page to submit your event:

National Venturing Website:
Be sure to include your event on the National website calendar too!

Central Region Venturing Region/Area Newsletters: 
The Region and the Areas can get your event information out to thousands of units across the Area and Region.  Follow the checklist below and they will get it in the next newsletter.

-Get your event information in the next region or area newsletter.  Contact the Vice President of Communication for the Region and your area so they can help to promote your event throughout the Region and the Area.

-Contact and send a paragraph promoting your event to the Vice President of Communication for the Region and your area:

Area 1 
Area 2:  
Area 3:  
Area 4:  
Area 5:  
Area 6:  
Area 7:

- Invite other Areas or councils outside of your Area for those that are interested.  There may be some units interested in your event.  Above is the different Area Pages, and on there is the contact information for the Area Vice President of Communications.  To contact the different councils, contact the Vice President of Communications in the Area for contact information for different councils.

Facebook is where thousands of Venturing get their information on events and activities coming up in the Areas and Regions.  Post information on your event or activity on one of the sites below.  Post the information early and post it often.  Venturers need to be reminded of cool events coming up.

- Central Region Facebook Group:
- Central Region Facebook Page:

- Central Region Area Facebook Groups, to find out the Facebook Groups, go here:

- Don’t forget to promote your event to neighboring council Facebook Groups.  To find out which councils are near yours, please go to here:

-Also promote your event on different Area Groups that neighbor your Area.  Some units like to travel.  With that in mind, you can also promote your event on the Venturing, BSA Facebook Group:!/home.php?sk=group_2207630622&ap=1

- Promote in on your Council, Districts, or Crew Facebook Groups/Pages.  You will need to search your council/district in Facebook to find their Group/Page to post the event information.  Some events are great promoting events for other Scouts.

- For your event you can also create an Event page on Facebook.  When you create an Event page, create it on the host group.  Example, if your crew is hosting an event and your crew has a Facebook Group then you can create the Event page from your group and then post links of the Event page onto other Facebook Groups/Pages.  This then has one main Event page that questions can be asked and you can get a general idea of the number of RSVPs for the event.

Yahoo Group:
The Yahoo Groups are viewed by hundreds of Adults/Youth.  It is sent to them as an email.

-Central Region Yahoo Group:

- Talk about your event on your twitter account.  When your event starts, you can add hashtags “#” to things you are talking about for the event.  Example: Venturers are now going rockclimbing #bsa #venturing.

- Post pictures about your event on Pinterest. Start a Pinterest board specifically for your event & include a link to your flyer or registration.

- Post pictures about your event on Instagram. Include a link to your flyer or registration.

Outside Media:
- Council Newsletters  
- Local News

If you have any questions about how and where, please contact either the Central Region Venturing Vice President of Communications, the Area Vice President of Communications, or the Area or Region Associate Advisor for Communications.

Backdating Schedule
A backdating calendar will assist the Program VP, Advisor and the event committee to keep on track for the event. It also helps ensure that PR is scheduled to make the event successful. A specific schedule should be created for each activity. It would be helpful to include a copy of the schedule in the activity folder.

Sample Backdating Schedule
Days before event / Activity
-180 Select Location, Date
Post 'Save the Date' message
-150 Recruit Committee
-120 Preliminary Planning Meeting
Prepare Budget
Develop Promotional Materials and distribute after approval
-90 First Committee Meeting
Promote in Newsletter & Facebook & Twitter
Email councils
-75 Distribute Media Releases
-60 Second Committee Meeting
Promote in Newsletter & Facebook & Twitter
Order Custom Items
-45 Call Councils
-30 Promote in Newsletter & Facebook & Twitter
Complete material orders
Third Committee Meeting
-20 2nd Call to Councils
-15 Registration Deadline
Reconfirm Physical Arrangements
Reconfirm Staff Members
-5 Final Check on Details
0 Activity
Turn in at door registration to District Executive
+7 Return Equipment
Send Thank You Letters
Submit Receipts for Cash Advances
Host Evaluation Meeting with Staff
Prepare Close Out Report with District Executive