Scout Oath
On my honor I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

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Scholarship - William M. Minto Memorial - for Sea Scouts

William M. Minto, a lifelong member and leader of Boy Scouts and Sea Scouts, dedicated his time and resources to the development of youth. During his life, he helped thousands of boys and girls to develop into young adult leaders. It is for this reason that Texas A&M University at Galveston and Sea Scouting enthusiasts have established a memorial scholarship in his name for a Sea Scout to attend the Summer School at Sea Program, Texas A&M University at Galveston.

This scholarship provides the opportunity for an outstanding Sea Scout, who is a recent high school graduate that has attained the Sea Scout rank of Able or Quartermaster, to attend the Summer School at Sea Program, Texas A&M University at Galveston. The approximate value of this scholarship is $2,619.09 for Texas resident and $3,897.09 for out-of-state resident which includes room and board, tuition, and required fees. Required uniforms, optional tours, and spending money is not covered by the scholarship. Cost estimates for these expenses:·

  • Required Uniforms $250·
  • Optional Tours $150·
  • Personal Spending Money $300

Texas A&M University at Galveston offers a unique summer school at sea program for recent high school graduates. While sailing on the Training Ship Texas Clipper, new freshman students complete two college courses for hours of credit. Typical courses available are English, American History, Math, Marine Sciences, and Engineering Orientation. In addition to attending class, students are responsible for assisting the ship's crew in standing deck watch, engine watch, galley duty, and general maintenance of the ship. Past ports of call have taken the ship to Europe, South America, through the Panama Canal, and the Eastern Seaboard of the United States . These credit hours earned are transferable to other colleges and universities that accept Texas A&M credit.

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